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Morning All

This entry is for those that are interested in purchasing some wine. My Tennis club has another wine order on at the moment and I'm just putting some feelers out there for anyone that wants to get some cheap wine.

The price is $72 per carton (12 bottles) with the exception being the Sparling White which is $84 per carton (12 bottles)

*Cabernet Merlot (Swings & Roundabouts Wines)

*Classic Red (Icon Brands)

*Shiraz (International Cellars)

*Semillon Chardonnay (International Cellars)

*Classic White (Icon Brands)

*Rose Red (Barwick Estate Wines)

*Mixed Dozen #1 (6 bottles each of the Classic White & Classic Red)

*Mixed Dozen #2 (6 bottles each of the Shiraz & Cabernet Merlot)

*Mixed Dozen #3 (6 bottles each of the Semillon Chardonnay & Rose)

*Mixed Dozen #4 (6 bottles each of the Cabernet Merlot & Classic Dry White)

*The Winemakers Dozen (3 bottles each of the Semillon Chardonnay, Cab Merlot, Classic White & Shiraz)

*Sparking White (International Cellars)

If anyone is interested please let me know on or before the 30th November. Wine is delivered on the 8th December.

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    I miss Chris *pout*

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    Well, We're off to the US. Cyas in 4 weeks :)

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